Welcome to our cabin!

Stay warm, grab a cup of coffee, and stick around to learn about our trophy deer hunts!

My name is Craig and I'm here to answer all the questions you came here for. Yes, our trophy deer hunts are approaching fast and we're ready for you! We'll provide all the hunting dates, prices, photos, and information you need to book your hunt. After viewing the site, if any question is left unanswered, reach out to me using the contact form and I'll get back to you ASAP. We're here to provide the best hunting experience possible and we look forward to seeing you. Come join us on this unique experience and enjoy your stay. You won't be disappointed!


  •     No hidden fees, charges, or false promises. What you see is what you get. Your hunt is guarenteed!
  •     No PA hunting license is required. Permits are provided for transportating over state boundaries
  •     We'll weigh, gut (pack the chest cavity with ice), skin, quarter the deer for you. No additional cost. Just bring a few big coolers
  •     Our feed is of the highest quality that our local farm bureau nutritionist has designed for our herd
  •     Our cozy cabin is available for you to stay at, free of charge, the evening before your hunt. Yes, it's free!
  •     Cabin amenities include: a quality bed, hot water shower, electricity, stove, microwave, grill, refrigerator, camp fire, and more!