Clark's Hickory Bottom Whitetails is a family run deer farm that was started in October of 2005. As a kid, I loved spending summers on the dairy farm with my pap. After his passing, we sold the dairy farm and kept the mountain ground to keep our family hunting tradition. In 2005, I received a call from a friend asking if I wanted his deer. We started with only 4 deer and we currently have around 100 Beautiful Whitetails. Our breeding program is not about globs of high scoring mass and points. If you are looking for Frankenstein deer, we usually do not have them. What we do have is beautiful, tall tined, symmetrical racks with wide spreads. This year we had Bucks that scored from 150 to over 300 inches. Each year our hunting seasons will offer a Trophy style hunt and not a specific deer. The best part is you get to harvest the deer that you want! That means there is no bait and switch, you shoot the exact deer you want to take home. We do not limit your options like other hunting preserves. I am going to put my biggest bucks (140 to 200 inches +) in about a 50 acre area and let you hunt. I will guarantee you that the deer in there are my biggest mature shooter bucks. I do keep two or three mature monsters in my breeding area to father my next crop of giants. Did I tell you we offer our hunt for half the price of fancy hunting preserves? We do not have a large lodge, but instead a cozy cabin that I started building when I was a teenager. It has all the comforts of home including a big screen tv, Direct TV, a Kureg, heat, water and a shower. We do not have hundreds of acres, but instead a small family run deer farm. I do not have a chef that will make you a catered meal, but instead you can make some homemade venison chili, deer cheese dogs or burgers on the grill. If you want a cold beer after the hunt, that is fine with me. The hunt is about you having a one of a kind experience and leaving with a very affordable Awesome Trophy Whitetail. My family has a passion for the outdoors and hunting. We know what it is like to save all year and dream of a great hunt only to be ruined by weather conditions or fake promises of animals that are simply not there. We guarantee you will go home with the exact deer that you hunted and harvested. Bring your family and enjoy an evening around the campfire the night before or after your hunt (depending on a Saturday or Sunday hunt date). My wife is a registered nurse/college instructor and I am a Program director for a private counseling agency. We have both been in our current positions for over 20 years. We have just celebrated our 20th anniversary and have three beautiful daughters. We love raising Trophy Whitetails and offering affordable hunts. You do not need a PA hunting license to hunt with us. I will give you a permit for your deer to transport him back home. We met some great folks over the past few years including hunters from WA, NY, PA, NM, CO, MI, VT, NJ, MN, ND, IL, AL, GA, TX, VA, MD, MA, WV, FL, DE, and OH. Some of my hunters have been back every year to harvest their trophy since the start of our farm. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

It's November 2011 and I am in the treestand watching a scrape with my 17 year old daughter talking about our deer farm (because it was hot and the deer were not moving) when she said dad why do you charge different prices for each buck? Doesn't't it cost the same amount of money to raise a big rack buck as it does the smaller one? After explaining that the bigger the rack the more money they are worth she looked at me and said, "I thought you told me you don't raise deer for the money?" She then went on to explain to me why not give hard working people the opportunity to harvest a buck of a life time for a price that was never heard of on any other hunting preserve. Like so many other times, the kid was making a lot of sense. We started talking about the pros and cons and it was clear to see that starting 2012 we were going to do the unheard of. We are going to put our biggest mature shooter bucks in approximatly 50 acre area and guarantee that you can harvest a buck at least 140" up to 200+. I make that guarantee even though I think what a buck scores should never be the reason you are pulling the trigger. When I go hunting I think about that beautiful monster of my dreams. I personally think that you can't beat a tall tined wide spread buck no matter what it scores. The buck that comes in just right giving you that perfect shot. I'm talking about the kind of buck that every time you walk in your family room seeing it on the wall makes you grin. That is what I think it is all about not a score. The majority of the bucks are expected to be 150" and above because they are already 140" up to 200" or more this year. Just think what they will look like another year older, bigger, thicker, etc. To make it fair the only hunts are next year. The hunt dates scheduled for next year are every Saturday and Sunday ONLY! There is a 30 foot high treestand that is 8x8' that you can make long shots from or you can use a climber, ladder stand, or blind. You name it we have it. The hunting area is all wooded and in places has thick underbrush and higher on the ridge is mountain laurel. You can use a bow,crossbow, pistol, muzzleloader, shotgun, or a rifle to harvest your deer. Take a bow and a rifle for a back up, it doesn't matter to me. I will be posting monthly updated pictures on this website so you can watch them grow. I will be updating the pictures all summer as they grow their new racks. A common question is can my wife or kid shoot a lesser size buck or doe? The answer is yes, but we would have to work out a deal because we do not want does or smaller bucks in the hunting area until the day before you would hunt. My guarantee is that you will have a 140" or better on this hunt. A bucks score could change after he is relased if he breaks off any of his antlers. This normally does not happen but we had one in 2012 that broke almost 20 inches of antler off. It is your responsibility to judge just how big that monster is. I will try to score the majority of the bucks before releasing them into the hunting area. That way you will see an approximate score and pictures before you ever go in the woods. The reality is you would probably be harvesting a 170" or better (it is your choice). You are talking about deer that would cost $5000 up to $20,000 elsewhere. It is a deal like no other. As my daughter stated, The reasons are simple. It doesn't cost anymore to raise a giant than a spike so why should I charge hard working people the price of a truck for a hunt? My season are prebooked and paid for so my headaches are eliminated. I have people that most likely I will see year after year and that is what I call fun. You get to shoot the buck you want and I don't have to take off my real job to guide hunts during the week. Another nice thing about only hunting Saturday and Sundays is the deer can calm down all week in the hunting area with one hunter per day. I have all these killing machines dead and out of here before the rut. They love to tear fences and kill each other as soon as November rolls around. I have met my goal, which is to have fun and cover my costs of feed, fence, equipment, etc. In order to select your hunt date the hunt must be paid in full. You can lock yourself in as one of the hunts by sending a deposit but you will not be able to select a date until your hunt is paid in full. Upon full payment, you can select from the hunt dates available and I will send you a contract stating the terms of the agreement. If I do not honor my end of the contract I guarantee you a full refund of your money.