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This website has been designed to answer every question a hunter may have about our Trophy Deer Hunts. Please browse our newly developed website to feel confident that this will be the hunt of a lifetime! We would like to thank Nicholas Fogal for designing and maintaining our website. After reading all about the hunt, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the contact form at: Contact Us. I will respond back to you ASAP. Emails are an excellent way for me to document each specific hunter’s requests. Please do not email me questions that are clearly explained on this website. I will be glad to give you my phone number after you purchase a hunt but I like to do all my communication and arrangements via email so I am not tied up on the phone. I have a full time profession, wife, and three beautiful daughters, so I hope you understand why I do not want to spend time glued to a phone.
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The first thing to note is that our deer herd is licensed and monitored by the PA State Agriculture Department. Our deer are fed the highest quality feed that our local farm bureau nutritionist has designed for our herd. We have had Does that weighed over 200 pounds and our Bucks average 250+ pounds by 2 years old. They are literally walking tanks with some of the best venison you will ever taste! As soon as you harvest your Trophy, we will weigh it, skin and quarter it for you. All you need to bring is a couple of big coolers. I will have bags of ice ready for you. If you want to harvest your Trophy and go, we will weigh it, gut it and pack the chest cavity with bagged ice. This is a courtesy to you, with no extra costs and no extra fees. My helper will not accept a tip, so don’t feel the need to offer. I pay them to help, there is no need for you to also. I hate being nickel and dimed when I travel, so I make sure it does not happen while you are in our care. You can stay overnight in our cabin, free of charge. It is not a fancy lodge, but will have a quality bed, hot water shower, electricity, stove, microwave, grill, refrigerator, camp fire, etc. We are currently remodeling it from head to toe, so pictures will be added as we go. It is right on the mountain ridge so you may have a bear on the porch or a coon on the roof throughout the night. Our goal is that you go home with exactly what you came for: FUN and a Beautiful Trophy Whitetail at a Great Price! Keep in mind that you do not need a PA hunting license to hunt with us. I will provide a permit for your newly hunted deer so that you are able to transport it back home.

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